From left to right: Crystal, Esteban. Bottom: Mica, Zeppelin

From left to right: Crystal, Esteban. Bottom: Mica, Zeppelin




About us


Two things that we love...

Dogs and the Outdoors...

Ok, maybe happy hour with dogs as well!

We have two rescues, Mica and Zeppelin, and this is their schedule:

  • 7am - Wake up, pee, poop, and take a small nap ;)
  • 10-10:30am - Ready for fetch and roaming the soccer field until noon.
  • noon - 1pm - Lay back in the shade while I (Esteban) play some friendly soccer.
  • 1pm- Play more fetch and occasionally go swimming.
  • 2:30 pm - Back home for a small nap. (When you play hard, you nap hard.)
  • 5:30- 6pm - Eat.
  • 6pm - A good run/ walk with mom (Crystal) on the Katy Trail, through Turtle Creek, or around the Uptown area. Sometimes we will go back to the park, while other days we might take a joy ride back to the soccer field for a few more hours. Some days, we might all stroll over to a neighborhood patio letting Crystal and I enjoy happy hour! (As long as treats are involved!)
  • Weekends are alot of the same thing.

We don't know if they are lucky, but they sure make us feel like the lucky ones. Everyone always tells us they are very lucky to have us because they are always on the move and outdoors. This was the exact moment that made us think that we can do this for other peoples' furry loves. Crystal and I are also recreational runners. Our last marathon was in February of 2017 (this was written in August 2017). We have another marathon coming up in December, and dogs are the perfect training buddies. This is where Uptown Fetch Club's Signature service comes in: Private Doggie Runs. Another service we are proud to offer is Fetch & Swim: half days at the park playing fetch/swimming. We also provide traditional services like dog walks and check-ins, and you can learn about all these cool services below. Thank you for thinking about us and giving us the opportunity to let us hang out with your furry loved ones! 


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