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about us

Uptown Fetch Club welcomes you with open paws! We provide modern pet services including fetch, runs, walks, check-ins, and lots of love! Keeping your furbabies happy and entertained while you are at work or away is our priority! To learn a little more about who we are, just click here.




Booking services


Step 1:

Fill this form out to receive app activation link. If you do not receive it in one business day check your spam folder or contact us.


step 2:

Download the scheduling app. (there is also a link to download the app in the activation email).


Step 3:

Book a free Meet & Greet through the app or by contacting us. After the Meet & Greet you are free to book any service.


Features Overview

Why choose us? Here are some cool features we provide.


Dedicated walker/runner 

Unless there is an emergency or an unexpected event, your pup will have the same dedicated walker/runner.


gps tracking

Track your furry friend's walks or runs  and know exactly where they went.


Stay in the know

Receive a report card and picture updates of your furry friend. 


verified check-in/out

Receive notifications at the beginning and end of the services. 

payment and booking options

Easily book services and add a payment method.


Peace of Mind

Uptown Fetch Club is insured!


Vitamin D

Your furry friend needs sunlight to make Vitamin D, If you are doing boarding in a concrete building...... no Vitamin D. This is not good, much like humans, Vitamin D puts all peeps and pups in a good mood and good for the health.



Studies show that dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection. Our pets are our family, and we love spending time with your furry friends as much as we do ours!


membership options (coming soon)


Our Services



The initial Meet & Greet lets us all (peeps and pups) get to know each other. What we like, what we don't like, and important information to keep everyone happy. Remember to have these items at the Meet & Greet:

  • Two sets of keys (If concierge can let us into your place, we do not need keys)

  • Current rabies vaccination, DHPP (Parvo, Distemper) and Bordetella.



These runs are 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are perfect for dogs that :

  • the vet said need to lose a few pounds for their health

  • need to stay in shape. (like police or military dogs)

  • have super high energy and a walk just does not cut it!



Fetch is perfect if you do not want your dog spending all day in a concrete room without much room to play. Instead, let them play fetch at your neighborhood dog park.


pet wheels

One way trip to a local destination.


Have a cat that needs company, a yard at the house or a dog run at the apartment? Book a play date, we will let them pee/poop, refresh water, clean litter box (meow) and play or throw a tennis ball indoors the rest of the time.



These Private Walks are your traditional 30 minute or 60 minute strolls down the neighborhood. If you and your neighbors want to have the dogs walked at the same time we do offer Social Walks (contact us for pricing).



Feed/Potty or clean litter box Visit

Personalized SERVICES

If these services do not meet your needs, email or contact us at 214.695.8520 (call or text) so we can work something out!


Satisfied pups




Call, text 214.695.8520 or use the form below if you have any questions, feedback, and/or an idea on how to make Uptown Fetch Club better. Thank you!